Sixtee Seconds

Are a fresh and consistent duo formed by MODULE and NMG, who aim to flood the global dance floors with their infectious and distinctive sound.

After the meeting in autumn 2017 at one of the most famous rooftops in Timisoara, Module and NMG started to lay the foundations of the Danzando concept.

They immediately made a connection through the music and the vibes that both create, they succeed by combining minimal, deep tech sounds and even leading to melodic techno with vocal inserts that make the story of each of their sets to be loved again and again and it makes you dance until dawn.

Both are known as individual DJs who were lucky enough to meet many artists and even opened events for artists such as Mahony, Stefan Biniak, Suciu, Just2, Steve Hey, Golan and participated in festivals such as Lost in Space, Roots, Vest Fest.